Jitter Click test is another online CPS counter designed especially for gamers' community and technology freaks. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best services and well-informed results to users who visit our websites and practice clicking to increase speed. We design websites with modern UI/UX and easy-to-understand Architect.

Our purpose influences our actions. We concluded that many gaming beginners struggle to reach the required clicks per second. This threat makes us launch open-source like jitter click tester.

Before initiating web development, our research team ensures all functions and features that the website will provide. You can use this jitter click tester to find your clicking speed. We Hope this CPS counter will help you to practice clicking speed. We are planning to bring more such handy tools that will benefit you in your professional gamer journey.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to engage and expand our users base by developing tools with the best functionality and additional features. Our Development team is working hard to provide extra edge features over a competitor. We always thrive to provide simple, fun, and engaging tools to our users.

We are always ready to correct our mistakes. So, if you have any issues with the website functionality, Contact us to reach out to us.