Right Click Test

The right click test is a tool to test your clicking speed on a right mouse button.







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What is the Right Click Test?

As the name suggests, Right Click Test is a test of your right-clicking speed. This can be measured either in clicks per second or clicks per minute. You can challenge yourself to see if you can beat your own personal record of clicks per second, or compare it with other players to see who has the fastest right-click in the world!

The Right Click Test is a simple way to measure how fast you can click your mouse: Instead of using a stopwatch, this online tool will do all the counting for you. Simply start the timer and click your right mouse button until the timer runs out; once it does, the clicker will calculate how many times you clicked during that period. Then just reset and try again!

How right click test works?

Are you ready to know how many clicks you can make? We are here to help you. If you want to measure the number of clicks per second, welcome to our website. The process is extremely easy to reproduce. Here is what you need to do:

Click on the test area

The test area is the box with the line in it. Click on the box—it doesn't matter whether you click on the line or not, just click somewhere in the box. Our website will record all the keystrokes you’ve done in the timeframe.

Click as fast as possible

Once you do that, try to click as fast as possible. Don't worry about spamming your computer—the test has been designed to prevent problems like that. The faster you click, the more your CPS will be on the right-click test.

Display the results

When you think you've clicked as fast as you can, just stop and wait for a few seconds for the results to be displayed. The results displayed on the screen are completely accurate.

Features of Right Click test

The right-click test is a very handy tool to monitor your CPS and offers a range of options that make the process extremely easy for you. Here’s a list of features of the right-click test:

Easy to play

Just right-click to start and stop when you feel you’ve clicked as fast as you can. The test will end right away and display your total score. You can also perform this test on varying timeframes as per your preferences.

Count your right-clicks accurately

We count your right clicks accurately. Knowing how many times you can right-click in a certain amount of seconds is very important information, and we want you to have it. That’s why our right-click tests are assumed to be completely accurate, regardless of what browser or operating system you’re using.

No account is required

You don't have to sign up for an account with us just to know how many times you can right-clicks in a given time. No strings attached!

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