Jitter Click Test

Click counter will help you to count the number of clicks you make per second and will display your rank in terms of CPS (Clicks per second) in the popup.







What is Jitter Click Test?

Jitter clicking is a method served by Minecraft and the PvP community. Jitter clicking is a notably beneficial method that allows you to create more clicks quickly on a mouse than regular clicking. Users can get a high CPS using the technique because the interest in the clicking game among users has become increasing day by day. With jitter clicking, users can achieve a high click rate of 10 to 14 CPS.

In this method, users can click as fast as possible with one finger, usually the index finger. It is about jittering your hand on the mouse as fast as you can Players can check their jitter click speed in different time variations from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. To do jitter clicking, follow the tips below:-

Keep your arm steady, do not grab your mouse too hard. Place your finger on the mouse button and shake the muscles of your wrist. To make it easy, you can push your mouse around while clicking.

How to click in the jitter click online test?

Follow these steps to know how to jitter click to improve your Clicking speed:

Buy a decent mouse :

We recommend you buy a decent mouse if you want to improve your typing speed. It doesn't have to be a Razer, Logitech, or SteelSeries, but try not to use a 1980s mouse covered in dust and dirt.

Tense your hand :

When you jitter-click, your hand is vibrating, but hard enough to click the mouse. You want your finger to touch the left clickbutton, but your wrist to be lifted off of the mouse slightly. It cannot be in a relaxed position. Make sure to take breaks often.

Make sure your arm is not slouched :

Make sure that it is also slightly tensed, and not flat against a surface.

Arch your hand :

Make sure not to wrap your hand all around the mouse. Your finger should be hovering over the left click button, and it should beslightly arched. Keep in mind that this can get tiring, and it takes practice to perfect it.

Vibrate your hand :

Use the muscles in your arm or wrist to vibrate your hand. You may get a faster click using your entire arm, but you may get better accuracy using your wrist. Make sure you are not pressing the mouse button to click but vibrating your hand to click.

Do online click tests to test your clicking speed :

There are plenty of websites on the internet that will test your clicking speed.

Features of Jitter Click Test

This test is simple and easy to use. It is super fast and has a simple interface.

The game is mobile-friendly. The mobile interface is precisely the same as the web version. Therefore, it gives the users complete ease to test their skills.

It is 100% safe and secure from third-party applications.

You can use this online jitter test tool for free. There is no need to buy and install any additional hardware or software. No hidden fees, no popup, or any other annoying ads.

It provides you with unlimited chances to practice.

This test supports different types of browsers, from Google Chrome to Firefox.

It allows players to share their scores on their favorite social media. With this feature, users can challenge their friends and invite them online to beat their scores.

Importance of Jitter Click Test

Why does Jitter Click exist?

The goal of the jitter click test is to increase your clicks per second to perform like a pro in games, especially when you are playing against other players. Particularly in Minecraft PvP, the fastest clicking technique matters. Your clicking speed matters when you try to make a chance to stand against your opponent players.

How to win the clicking challenge with the jitter click test?

With regular practice, you can insanely improve your clicking speed using the jitter click test. The jitter click test provides you with unlimited chances to practice. This feature helps in analyzing and improvising your clicking speed. Once you have an improved clicking speed, your chances of winning the clicking challenge will increase.


With consistent practice, it is easy to get 9-12 clicks per second. In some cases, it can go as high as 15 cps.

Use a steady hand, generate vibrations using your arm muscles and transfer them to your pointing fingers. It will help you to generate a lot of clicks in a short time. Keep your hands steady and stable to aim better at your target opponent.

Even though an adequate mouse is recommended for jitter clicking, you can also get desirable results using a regular mouse or lousy mouse. Keep things simple and use your whole arm muscles to generate abundant clicks for the best results. Avoid going extra harsh on older devices as jitter clicking can break them completely.

Jitter clicking is allowed as long as you do not use any banned modification. Do not use an auto clicker.

Yes, jitter clicking can be dangerous. This fast clicker technique implies excessive pressure on your wrist. The excess practice of this type of speed clicker test could be hazardous for your health. It can damage your wrist, hand, fingers, and arm for a long time. Jitter clicking has the movement coming from your elbow and arm, it cannot give you carpet tunnel but injure you. Be careful while jitter clicking to stay safe.

Try to tremble your wrist and arm as fast as possible. Ensure your hands are not moist and vibrating because of the pressure. The more you are relaxed, the more precisely you can click on your mouse and will be able to hit a higher CPS at your best.

Use click speed testers, and try jitter-clicking in-game. Whenever you have an unplugged mouse, try jittering for a couple of seconds at a time. Eventually, it will become natural. If you succeed, then you should get around a 7-9 cps rate. If you become a master, you might reach 12 cps..